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Advisory Services

Whether businesses are growing or facing headwinds, they are always confronted with a challenge of achieving their objectives and targets. Your organization could be public, private, not-for-profit or state enterprise, which will need specialists and experts to handle complex matters/situations.

We, at ProdigyWay International have a dedicated team of advisory experts working under the guidance of our Advisory Board. We are committed to providing hands on solutions to organizations facing various challenges with regards to growth, financial & economic matters. Our in-depth involvement into your business helps us in analyzing the key issues and assists you in implementing solutions that enhance and optimize your organization's performance whether it's for profitability, growth, compliance or managing key business risks.

Transaction Advisory Services

Acquisitions could be very challenging where the complex systems and processes could lead to stressful situations for all the affected organizations. This process could earn them significant rewards but at the same time could result in huge risks following the completion of process. Such acquisitions may have an immense impact on the profitability and liquidity either positively or adversely.

ProdigyWay International's experienced and seasoned advisory team provides intelligent transaction advisory services and solutions detailing risks and rewards thus helping buyers and sellers make sensible decisions. These solutions include complete Merger & Acquisitions (M&A) integration or individualized Due Diligence & Valuations Services.

Mergers & Acquisitions

It is critical for buyers and sellers to truly understand the level of due diligence required during M&A transactions that will ensure safeguarding of their interests as well as ensuring smooth and effective completion of the merger & acquisition process.

ProdigyWay International works in close collaboration with its clients to ensure successful completion of the M&A process and also provide assurance on true value to the stakeholders. PI's advisory team specializes in all kinds of industries and ensures proficiency whether it relates to the whole organization or part thereof.

M&A services can broadly be broken down into 5 different segments either provided altogether or each service in isolation:


  • Evaluation of the Deal

  • Analyzing the drivers of risks/rewards

  • Assisting the buyer with executing Letter of Intent

Due Diligence

  • Financial & Tax Due Diligence

  • Human Resource & Benefits Analysis

  • Market and Competitors Study

  • Information Technology and Operational Due Diligence


  • Advising on Accounts on matters related to:

    • Intangible Assets

    • Equity & Creditors analysis

  • Evaluating the cost of Integration and restructuring

Post-Closing Assistance

  • Detailed Financial Audit review

  • Price adjustment post-closing

Negotiations and Closing

  • Assisting in finalizing the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA)

  • Resolving any disputes related to accounts and pricing

  • Finalizing the closing mechanism

  • Purchase Price Adjustment

Due Diligence

Initial planning activities include formal acceptance of the client by the audit firm, verifying compliance with independence requirements, building the audit team and performing other procedures to determine the nature, timing and extent of procedures to be performed in order to conduct the audit in an effective manner.

  • Due diligence: We conduct both buy-side and sell-side due diligence that covers quality of earnings, tax and tax structuring, process/controls, information technology, human resources and benefits, and strategic and operational analysis.

  • Sell-side preemptive due diligence: By working with potential sellers early in the process, we help mitigate unexpected due diligence findings that can derail a transaction. This analysis can also help sellers secure a higher price by uncovering the true value of the entity.

  • Purchase price disputes: Whether raised by the buyer or the seller, we are experienced in handling post-acquisition purchase price issues, including working capital and earn out disputes. Additionally, we serve as a neutral third-party arbitrator.

  • Special situations: We are experienced in working with companies in financial distress and can work with all stakeholders in a compressed timeframe to preserve the going-concern value of the target entity.

  • Acquisition integration: We have the processes and tools to appropriately plan for, execute, monitor and assess the success of acquisition integration. We assist management in all aspects of acquisition integration from financial planning to assessment to business improvement opportunity assessment.

Valuation Services

Valuation plays a key role in determining the true value of the business. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to have comprehensive knowledge of all the strategic information of the organization and command over determining and applying the correct valuation techniques.

ProdigyWay International's Advisory Group has experience and expertise in large organizations as well as SMEs. They provide guidance to our teams to ensure accurate business valuation of your organization, covering all the strategic context, tangibles and intangibles (including Goodwill, patents, Trademarks and derivatives).

Aside from M&A valuations, we provide financial statement valuations based on fair value and replacement value. We also carry out studies and valuations for intangible assets (Impairments, Derivatives) and tangible assets (including real estate, investment portfolio, securitized debt instruments and fixed assets valuation).

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Solutions

Today's IT operation continues to grow and become more diverse and much more complex. With more IT dollars being added to the budget, IT executives are faced with cost control challenges while delivering on quality and risk control. PI provides a flexible BPO structure that allows us to customize the delivery of our services to meet your specific objectives and priorities. We focus on helping you achieve better business results, reducing costs, improving quality and generating more value.

BPO Solutions can broadly be categorized as Application Management Service and Back office Outsourcing:

Application Management

With diversification and increased complexities of IT operations, it is challenging for organizations to invest in IT solutions all the time. ProdigyWay International's management consulting understands your need for maximizing profits and managing your resources. Therefore, we provide support to our clients for the implementation of IT solutions and interfacing with other systems like PoS terminals.

Back Office Outsourcing

Having an optimal and efficient back office is critical to your organization's success. ProdigyWay International's management consulting team has experience and expertise to provide integrated BPO services including back-office accounting to special compliance projects. We understand that the process optimization methodology is a key factor for organizations and therefore we provide services from clerical matter to specialized services, by our strong pool of resources.

Management Consultancy

With the rapid change in technology, organizations are experiencing disruption in the way their business is conducted. Pioneers of business, whether it be CEOs, CFOs or other key personnel, are required to adhere to and cater to the requirements of increasing customer demands. Market globalization has also brought in increased competition and diversification. Thus, any organization lacking behind is losing its importance and market share.

ProdigyWay International's Management Consulting is capable of adapting to all these changes and provides insightful and personalized services for your organization. Our teams will provide you support in the understanding and implementation of the required changes in order to help you maintain or maximize profits either in the local market or globally. From providing business advisory services and strategy services to process improvement or providing outsourced service, PI is your partner to keep you up-to-date and assist in transforming.

Business Strategy

With the continuous change in rapidly changing business environments, organizations with static business strategies have a risk of following an obsolete path which will result in the company losing its value and market share.

ProdigyWay International's management consultants are committed to developing and providing dynamic processes and business insights to help the organization in assessing its market position and performance of their competitors. PI can also help you in strategizing the business objectives to increase revenues and earnings. These objectives will help you in identifying the hazards, defining the path to success and creating flexible strategic planning processes.

CFO Advisory and Outsourcing Service

With the change in business, the role of a CFO is also evolving. They are required to not only focus on Finance and Accounting but also monitor and continuously evaluate performance of their business. They are also responsible for safeguarding the organization from various business and legal risks, and managing stakeholders (including Audit Committee) and regulatory authorities. With ProdigyWay International's support, CFOs can have streamlined business processes and systems to ensure a strong control environment. This could help them in becoming the key resource in the organization and assist stakeholders in driving business growth.

ProdigyWay International can help CFOs in attaining the following goals:

  • Financial Transformation - help them develop strategies in accordance with goals and objectives of the company. Whether it results in restructuring or driving change management, PI is there to provide you full support.

  • Accounting and Finance Business Process Improvement - redefine their financial processes and implement lean & effective accounting methods in order to improve their working capital, planning, budgeting and forecasting as well as financial reporting.

  • Financial System Selection and Implementation - Using outdated and obsolete IT systems could result in deterioration of performance of the business and may affect negatively on the CFO's performance. PI's Management Consulting team has experience and a thorough understanding of all the major systems. We can provide effective solutions to cater to the needs of the organization.

  • Special Projects, M&A, and other services - It is not easy or effective for CFOs to assign special projects to their team given the lack of any required skillsets. PI's management consulting team has the required qualification, experience and expertise to manage all such special projects.

  • CFO outsourced Services - It is not always feasible and cost effective for organizations to employ CFOs with the right level of knowledge and expertise. PI has a diversified experience of providing CFO services to various industries on full-time and part-time basis. This may also include Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) services.

Business Process Improvement

It's a continuous drive for an organization to keep improving its processes as they are directly connected to the business value of the organization. Considering this as a strategic asset for the organization, ProdigyWay International's management consulting professionals provide efficient and effective business solutions. We use Lean Management systems to understand your business requirements and define work streams, improve processes, highlight business risks and define key performance indicators.